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Meet the Photographers


Susan Pitts

Lover of dogs, coffee, mountains, gardening and all things photography, I started dabbling in photography about 18 years ago with my first Nikon and a knack for catching genuine smiles and human connections.  I'm an avid learner.  Seriously, ADDICTED to soaking up all the information I possibly can so at any given time I'm taking some online course to improve upon posing, composition, lighting or editing. I'm on a constant endeavor to improve so one day I'll be a famous photographer and you'll be able to say hey, I remember when she did our photos!  Semi kidding about that last part.  Honestly all I want is to create photos you'll look back on and cherish for years to come.   That makes this more than just a job, it's an honor.


Brian Pitts

I love my family, my Jeep and my dogs. When I'm not a photographer I'm a heart transplant mentor.  After surviving heart failure and a transplant it became my calling to fill a void we experienced in the process.  The first time meeting me you'll likely hear me talk about our 4 Boston Terriers, they're our children. (We have human children too but they're grown and not as cuddly). I'm big and tattooed but just between you and I, the biggest softy you will ever meet. I will cry at your wedding before Susan will. While Susan will  likely be the one posing you and finding your best angle, I'll be the one finding the optimal camera setting and lighting. I thoroughly enjoy the technical aspects of photography and have expanded my equipment to a drone and a 3D camera to capture very unique images.  I am a former real estate agent so naturally I fell into the niche of real estate photography, which is my day job when we're not doing portraits. There's a very good chance we'll be friends after we've photographed you.  I've seriously never met a stranger. 

Fine Art Photography on Etsy
Check out our fine art photography here. We're not just people photographers, we also love landscape!  


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